Jacoby, Phillips and Williams New Hidden Valley Winners

By Terry Whetstone
Public Relations
Clearfield, PA - It was a night where two features were decided on the scales rather than on the track, giving one driver his first win of the season and another his third in a row. Josh Jacoby of Ginter (Semi Late Models), Bill Phillips of Blandburg (Street Stocks) and Rob Williams of Williamsport (Little’s Auto Sales Four Cylinders) picked up their first wins of the year Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway.
Repeat winners included: Billy Eash of Johnstown in the Super Late Models, Kyle Fink of Strattonville in the Small Block Modifieds and Brad Benton of Duncansville in the Pure Stocks.
Derek Rodkey, making his first start in two years, led the Super Late Models to the start with Billy Eash on the outside front row. Eash jumped into the lead at the start and Joe Petyak followed Eash into second. Rodkey ran third and John Wayne Weaver was fourth, with Ryan Scott fifth. As Eash was leading, the battle for second was hot, as Petyak had to try and get by Eash for the lead, while holding off all of the advances on him. Weaver worked his way to third and nearly stole second a few times, but he went high near the end of the race and faded to fourth. At the waving of Brian Biancuzzios checkered flag it was Eash getting his second win of the season with Petyak second, Scott third, Weaver held on to fourth and Dylan Fenton fifth. Eash and Rodkey won the heats.
Rich Wicker beat Adam Nixon off the line to start the Semi Late Model Feature, with Wicker setting the early pace through a few early cautions before Josh Jacoby took the lead on lap five. Jacoby was leading when a red halted action for a four car pile up on the front stretch that eliminated brothers Jarid and Paul Ivory. Luckily there were no injuries.
On the lap 8 restart a slew of cautions halted the race before bringing the race to an early finish when the time ran out. Jacoby took the win with Wicker, Gary Little, Tom Decker and Rick Strong rounding out the top five. Heat wins went to Wicker, Nixon and Jarid Ivory.
The Small Block Modifieds saw Aaron Casher and Kyle Fink on the front row, as Fink took the lead and Casher fell into second. Josh Henry settled into third and was pressuring Casher for second. Henry took second from Casher on lap five, but he lost second to Todd English on lap six, who was racing from seventh looking for Fink. As the race continued, English caught Fink, and they fought wheel-to-wheel several times, but Fink held off English and took his second win of the season. English, Cashier, Jerry Bowser and Henry completed the top five. English won the heat.
Duke Davidson beat Bill Phillips Jr. off the line to start the Street Stock feature, with Phillips sitting second. Davidson led the feature from start to finish, with Phillips second and Ray Reynolds sitting third, but when the drivers crossed the scales, it was Phillips who picked up the win, as Davidson crossed them too lite and was disqualified. The finish was Phillips taking the win, Reynolds was second, Josh Retorick was third and Chad Rougeux was fourth. Phillips was the heat winner following the DQ.
Justin Centra led the Pure Stocks to the start, but it was Mike Benton who took the lead. Benton and Brad Benton then battled for the lead, with Andrew Wallace joining the fight near the end, but it was Mike Benton crossing the line first, with Wallace second and Brad Benton third. Mike Benton crossed the scales lite, presumably giving the win to Wallace, but he was disqualified for having illegal heads, thus Brad Benton ended up with his third straight win. Centra was second with Joe Kephart third. Brad Benton won the heat.
The Little’s Auto Sales Four Cylinders saw Rob Williams taking the lead from his third place starting spot from front row starters Eric Luzier and Cory Price. Williams led the feature from flag-to-flag, with Don Betres and Larry Conklin Jr. trying to wrestle the lead away from Williams, but Williams wasn’t about to be denied his first win of the season. Betres, Conklin, Darrin Thompson and Luzier completed the top five. Williams, Thompson and Price won the heats.
PIT NOTES: 69 cars filled the pits, including: 12 Super Late Models, 20 Semi Lates, 7 Small Block Modifieds, Five Street Stocks, Six Pure Stocks and 19 Four Cylinders...The Hyde Fire Co. 50/50 was just under $1,000 to the winner...Coming up this Saturday June 27 is the Pure Stock special $500.00 to win plue a regular show for the Super Late Models, Semi Lates, Small Block Modifieds, Street Stocks and Four Cylinders...Coming up July 4 is the Independence Day Explosion. Fireworks will be on tap presented by Pyro Extreme. Show your red white and blue tailgate and best dressed contest. Action presented by Chester D. Bailey Jr. Memorial Trophy night. For more information check the website or the Facebook page.
Super Late Models: 1. Billy Eash, Johnstown; 2. Joe Petyak, 3. Ryan Scott, 4. John Wayne Weaver, 5. Dylan Fenton, 6. Curtis Teats, 7. Derek Rodkey, 8. Josh Whetstone, 9. Dan Gill, 10. Del Rougeux, 11. Jeremy Ohl, 12. Tom Decker III.
Semi Lates: 1. Josh Jacoby, Ginter; 2. Rich Wicker, 3. Gary Little, 4. Tom Decker, 5. Rick Strong, 6. Levi Ardery, 7. Jason Mullen, 8. Adam Nixon, 9. Tim Luben, 10. Chad Hooven, 11. Eric Lucas, 12. Jeremy Lippert, 13. Ryan Jacoby, 14. Jordan Luzier, 15. Shane Nihart, 16. Jarid Ivory, 17. Paul Ivory, 18. Chad Desmett, 19. Mike Blazer, 20. Justin Owens.
Small Block Modifieds: 1. Kyle Fink, Strattonville; 2. Todd English, 3. Aaron Casher, 4. Jerry Bowser, 5. Josh Henry, 6. Erik Bowser, 7. Chris Luzier.
Street Stocks: 1. Bill Phillips Jr., Blandburg; 2. Ray Reynolds, 3. Josh Retorick, 4. Chad Rouguex.
Disqualified: Duke Davidson (Lite)
Pure Stocks: 1. Brad Benton, Duncansville, 2. Justin Centra, 3. Joe Kephart.
Disqualified: Mike Benton (Lite) Andrew Wallace (Heads).
Did Not Start: Todd Coble.
Little’s Auto Sales Four Cylinders: 1. Rob Williams, Williamsport; 2. Don Betres, 3. Larry Conklin Jr., 4. Darrin Thompson, 5. Eric Luzier, 6. Dave Potter, 7. Michael Boring, 8. Greg Kiehl, 9. Michael Shobert, 10. Zoey Lance, 11. Kyler Henry, 12. Larry Conklin Sr., 13. Cory Price, 14. Kevin Trimpy, 15. Latavin Spriggs.
Did Not Start: Joe Huber, Anthony Sones, Tondra Brown, Dustin Miller.