DELEVAN, NY.....Night number two of the BDK Construction Fall Classic featured the return of the Big Block/Small Block Modifieds, who hadn't competed at the track since 2019.
In the 29-lap Big Block/Small Block Modified feature, Ricky Newton grabbed the lead at the start with Chad Brachmann and Ryan Susice in tow. Susice took the lead on lap 6 and pulled away from Newton while Brachmann battled Luke Carleton for third spot. Brachmanm found the outside groove around the halfway point and pulled a solid move to take second on lap 16, but Susice was nearly half a lap ahead in the top spot. Susice didn't encounter lapped traffic till lap 22, but maintained his advantage and took the win, which offered a spot in the Outlaw 200 at Fulton Speedway. Brachmann held off Carleton for second, followed by Newton and James Sweeting. The event ran with no cautions.
Modified heats were won by Chad Brachman and Ryan Susice.
The 29-lap Crate Late Model feature saw JJ Mazur take the early lead from Steve Labarron while Mike Wonderling grabbed third from Steve Dixon. The leaders hit lapped traffic just past the halfway point, with the top four all close together. Labarron had a bobble that dropped him to fifth behind Paul Grigsby as Wonderling grabbed second and tried to run Mazur down. Mazur threaded through the lapped traffic and pulled away in the late stages to take the victory in the caution-free contest, with Wonderling, Dixon, Grigsby, and Labarron rounding out the top five.
Crate Late Model heats were won by Steve Labarron and Mike Wonderling.
In the 29-lap Pro Mod feature, Brodie Hill took the lead from Zain Harvey while Steve Dixon, Tyler Sutton, and Victor Earle Jr fought for third. After a quick caution bunched the field, Dixon passed both Hill and Harvey for the lead. Dixon built up a lead over Harvey and Sutton as Adam Ashcroft started tearing through the field, moving into fourth near the halfway point. Sutton spun out of the second spot, which brought out the caution and set up a battle between Friday night's winner, Dixon, and Ashcroft. Ashcroft took his best shot on a lap 20 restart, getting alongside Dixon on a couple of occasions, but Dixon roared away to take the win over Ashcroft, Harvey, Tyler Oakes, and Victor Earle Jr.
Pro Mod heats were won by Adam Ashcroft, Tyler Sutton, and Steve Dixon.
The 20-lap Street Stock main event got a bump up to $750 to win from BDK Construction, and Bobby Lippa Jr snagged the lead at the start from Justin Neff. Joe Chamberlain had an issue and dropped out on lap 2 as Lippa spun in front of the field, with everyone avoiding contact. Neff inherited the lead as Tom Kemp and Byron Dewitt battled for second. Kemp and Neff battled for the lead while Tim Schram slipped past Dweitt for third, but Schram spun out of the spot a few laps later. Neff and Kemp battled furiously over teh final laps, with Kemp taking the lead on the backstretch on the final lap to get the win. Neff was second, followed by Dewitt, Lippa, and Zac Walsh.
Street Stock heats were won by Justin Neff and Bobby Lippa Jr.
In the 20-lap Mini stock feature, Wesley Houghtaling took the early lead, but Friday night winner DJ Williams quickly grabbed second from John Michael and started running him down. Michael had contact with James Gayton and had to pit to change a flat. Williams ran down Houghtalking in traffic late in the race as Gayton charged back through the field to take third from Nate Freeland. Williams got caught by a car entering the pits and wound up having to detour into the pits, which left Houghtaling with an easy cruise to the win over Gayton, Freeland, Horton and John Michael.
Mini Stock heats were won by Wesley Houghtaling and Dylan Strade.
The 12-lap Bandit feature was won by Raiddan Wilson over Tyler Foster, Jaeden Tarr, Caden Michael, and Dennis Harrison.
The Bandit heat was won by Raiddan Wilson.
Saturday's events concluded the 2022 season at Freedom Motorsports Park. A big thanks to all of the competitors and fans for their support! Racing returns to Freedom in 2023!
BIG BLOCK/SMALL BLOCK MODIFIED FEATURE-RYAN SUSICE, Chad Brachmann, Luke Carleton, Ricky Newton, James Sweeting, Phil Vigneri III, Noah Walker, Kyle Inman, Dave Flanagan, Shannon Whaley, Tony Pangrazio, John Venuto.
CRATE LATE MODEL FEATURE-JJ MAZUR, Mike Wonderling, Steve Dixon, Paul Grigsby, Steve Labarron, Kurt Stebbins, Chuck LaFleur, Bill Holmes, Kyle Murray, Jon Rivers, Dan Bennett, Brian Kotarski, Steve Hauser, Jim Mazur, Jason armon, Carl Shefler.
PRO MOD FEATURE-STEVE DIXON, Adam Ashcroft, Zain Harvey, Tyler Oakes, Victor Earle Jr, John Woodward, Brodie Hill, Critter Hemphill, Tyler Sutton, Kane Stebbins, Ian DeGolier, Nick Arnold, Tom Root, Donnie May, Tim Schram, Dustin Goss, Justin Chaddock, Al Brewer, Billy Demming, Nick Mohawk, Ryan Sanders.
STREET STOCK FEATURE-TOM KEMP, Justin Neff, Byron Dewitt, Bobby Lippa Jr, Zac Walsh, Dale Rissinger Jr, Randy Taylor, Tim Schram, Nate Arnold, Kurt Stebbins, Joe Chamberlain, Ian Curtis (DNS).
MINI STOCK FEATURE-WESLEY HOUGHTALING, James Gayton, Nate Freeland, Chris Horton, John Michael, Bill Weatherley, Ken Weatherley, Kyle Vanlool, DJ Williams, Jacob Knapp, Cole Susice, Blaze Harrison, Billy Williams, Dylan Strade, Bryson Hill, Tim Fisher.
BANDIT FEATURE-RAIDDAN WILSON, Tyler Foster, Jaeden Tarr, Caden Michael, Dennis Harrison (DNS).