Jordan Watson posts Delaware International Speedway victory

Jordan Watson won the 25 lap Regular Event at the Delaware International Speedway on Saturday. This was Jordan's tenth win of the season, ninth at Delaware International Speedway this year, and ninth Weekly win of the season. For the 31 year old Watson it was their twenty-seventh win putting him fouth on the Delaware International Speedway win list since 2004.
Finishing 0.3970 seconds behind in second was Ricky Elliott. This was Ricky's first Top 5 of the season.
Finishing third was Kevin Sockriter, their sixth top 5 of the year.
Finishing fourth was HJ Bunting III, their tenth top 5 of the year.
Finishing fifth was Robert Dutton, their seventh top 5 of the year.
Joseph Watson, Carson Wright, Bobby Watkins, Brad Trice, and Scott VanGorder rounded out the top 10.

Significant Milestones and Streaks
Weekly starts since 2004: Ricky Elliott - 50
Weekly wins since 2004: Jordan Watson - 25
Consecutive wins all events: Jordan Watson - 2
Consecutive wins at Delaware International Speedway: Jordan Watson - 4
Consecutive Weekly wins: Jordan Watson - 4