Cory Costa heads to victory lane at Outlaw Speedway

Cory Costa won the 30 lap Fall Mini Series at the Outlaw Speedway on Friday. This was Cory's fouth win of the season, first at Outlaw Speedway this year, and fouth Weekly win of the season. For the 33 year old Costa it was their third win putting him tenth on the Outlaw Speedway win list since 2004.
Finishing 1.0570 seconds behind in second was Steve Paine. This was Steve's eighth Top 5 of the season, eighth at Outlaw Speedway this year, and eighth Weekly Top 5 of the season.
Finishing third was Nick Nye, their eighth top 5 of the year.
Finishing fourth was Eldon Payne Jr., their second top 5 of the year.
Finishing fifth was Brady Fultz, their seventh top 5 of the year.
Alex Payne, Jake Dgien, Derrick Podsiadlo, Scott Boudinot, and Tony Pangrazio rounded out the top 10.

Significant Milestones and Streaks
Weekly top 10's since 2004: Derrick Podsiadlo - 150
Consecutive Weekly top 5's: Cory Costa - 6