Ryan Bartlett reaches Can-Am Speedway victory lane

Ryan Bartlett won the 25 lap Regular Event at the Can-Am Speedway on Saturday. This was Ryan's first win of the season. Ryan's last win came on Aug 30, 2019, twenty four starts ago. For Bartlett it was their third win putting him Twentieth on the Can-Am Speedway win list since 2002.
Finishing 1.7570 seconds behind in second was Billy Dunn. This was Billy's eleventh Top 5 of the season, fifth at Can-Am Speedway this year, and eleventh Weekly Top 5 of the season.
Finishing third was Tim Fuller, their seventeenth top 5 of the year.
Finishing fourth was Mike Maresca, their nineteenth top 5 of the year.
Finishing fifth was Dylan Zacharias, their fouth top 5 of the year.
Lucas Fuller, Jordan McCreadie, Scott Webb, Jackson Gill, and Lance Willix II rounded out the top 10.

Significant Milestones and Streaks
All event top 10's since 2002: Ryan Bartlett - 200
Can-Am Speedway top 10's since 2002: Billy Dunn - 150
Consecutive top 5's all events: Tim Fuller - 5
Consecutive top 10's all events: Tim Fuller - 10
Consecutive top 5's at Can-Am Speedway: Tim Fuller - 9
Consecutive Weekly top 5's: Tim Fuller - 5