By Ed & Betty Biittig

West Lebanon, NY - One daring move by Andy Bachetti of Sheffield, Mass. catapulted him into the lead and gave him his second win of the season in the Modified division at Lebanon Valley on Saturday night. Bachetti moved into the lead by weaving his way around Dave Leckonby and Brett Hearn on lap ten of the 30-lap main event.

A hair-raising move by Hearn on the frontstretch early in the race saved his position in third and later moved him and the Gable Motorsports crew into the limelight for their second consecutive Track Championship at Lebanon Valley. The point title gave Hearn of Sussex, N.J. his fourth at the Valley while Jody Gable of Cobleskill, N. Y. was also celebrating his fourth, three with Hearn and one with Rich Ricci, Jr. Eddie Marshall and J. R. Heffner went into the race tie for second. Both drivers suffered damage to their cars when they were involved in separate incidents during the race. On the final lap, Marshall took advantage of race traffic and passed Heffner to take the runner up position in overall points.

Wayne Jelley of Pownal, Vt. won the 24-lap, $1500 to win 358-Modified event. “I just drove as hard as I could said Jelley, I knew all those guys would be coming.”

Jeff Watson won the Sportsman main event, his second of the season. A very end to the action and a bit of confusion hung over the Sportsman Championship crown as Bobby Knipe of New Milford, Conn. and K.C. Goewey of West Sand Lake, N.Y. found out unexpectedly that they would share the Sportsman Crown for 2004. Goewey who went into the event with a 36-point lead was plagued with mechanical difficulties early in the race. This finally sent him to the pits and placed him in the 23rd position earning 20 points. At this point Knipe’s only chance to win the title was to win the feature. He finished second to Jeff Watson, placing him in a tie for the title with Geowey, each with 808 points.

Qualifying for the Modified main event was determined by time trials and no heats were run. The 31 Mods drew for position in the time trials with the 12 fastest being locked into the main event. Non-feature winners were then lined up ahead of the feature winners whose positions were determined by money won the past three weeks. Top five fastest time trial positions went to Bachetti 19.971, Hearn 20.170, Trombley 20.213, Heffner 20.223, and Pitcher 20.252.

Heats were run to qualify for the Sportsman and 358-Mod main events. Winners of the 358-Mod heats were J. R. Heffner, Andy Bachetti and Matt Quinn. Sportsman qualifying wins went to Jason Tompkins, Chad Pierce, Lorne Browe and Jeff Watson. Winner of the Sportsman consi was Kory Sandstedt.

Winner of the Pro Stock main event and the $500 bonus courtesy of DMC Racing Products was Rob Yetman. The first of two Rookie Pro Stock victors for the night was Rick Dempsey while the second Rookie feature was won by Larry Megan.

Winners of the eight Pure Stock events including two from the prior week plus two heldover, and four from Sept. 4, were: Larry Ball, Kevin Hilt, Pete Wiegand (won two), Ryan Coon, Dave Striebel, Robert Hammell, and Shannon McDermott

The modified feature and the quest for the title began with Rob Pitcher and Guy Sheldon on the front row. As the green flag flew the rain drops began and continued to fall unnoticed.

From his ninth place starting position, point leader Hearn ran sixth by lap three. Bachetti who set fast time early in the night was in hot pursuit.

After several yellow flags mixed up the field Dave Leckonby was able to get by Rob Pitcher on the backstretch when he drifted to the high side of the track.

With Leckonby still leading the caution flew after a mix up in turn two put J. R. Heffner in the pits with damage to the front and a rear flat tire. Heffner returned at the rear of the field.

Hearn continued to challenge Leckonby. Caution flag flew again for a melee in turn four, involving Sheldon, Stratton, Reckner, and Schruffer. Hearn and Bachetti are now in a battle for second. Bachetti made a daring move to the front before the lap was complete. The running order now read, Bachetti, Leckonby, Hearn, Tremont, Jelley, Pitcher, Ricci, Soltis, Trombley, and Palmer.

On the restart Bachetti made his move to the front. In a hair raising moment Hearn slid to the loose stuff on the inside of the frontstretch but was able to recover without losing a position.

Bachetti continued to stretch his lead lead while Hearn continued to battle with Leckonby for second. After a side by side battle Hearn finally prevailed on the frontstretch and pulled away from Leckonby.

As the field cross the checker it was Bachetti, Hearn , Leckonby, Tremont, Jelley, Trombley, Pitcher, Heffner, Marshall, and Soltis.

Twenty three cars for 24 laps was the line up for the 358-Modified feature that saw Craig Simmons and Denny Young, Jr. on the front row and headed for the green flag. By lap four Wayne Jelley was on the back bumper of leader Simmons and moved into the lead by lap five. At the halfway point, Tremont moved to the second position and set his sights on Jelley.

Jelley continued his dominance and was never seriously challenged. As the checker flew on the event the running order was, Jelley, Hearn, Tremont, Bachetti, and Ricci.

Sportsman action saw Bob Bouchard lead at the green in his blue No. J-5. Bouchard led until the restart on lap three when Jason Tompkins moved alongside on the restart.

Bouchard continued to lead and pulls away to a three-car length lead. Point leader, K. C. Goewey was involved in an incident in turn four and as he pulled away and began to speed up he spun out in turn one. After a few more attempts to run at the rear of the pack, Goewey pulled his No. 2 to the pits, behind the wall.

Ten laps into the event and Jeff Watson was now the leader. Knipe moved into second position with only three laps remaining but was never able to seriously challege Watson.

When the checker flew in was Watson in the lead followed by Knipe, Tompkins, Harper, and Harkins rounding out the top five.

Bringing the Pro Stock field to the green was Tommy Brandt and Frank Boucher. When the green flew it was Boucher in the front where he remained until Jay Corbin took over on the backstretch.

Boucher and Yetman now sat side by side in a battle for second. Boucher slid high in turn four and the field scrambled to avoid him when he shot down the track mid field. Boucher recovered but the yellow came out. This closed up the field once again for the restart and Jay Corbin chose the outside as the fast groove. Corbin held the lead on the restart with Yetman a close second. Yetman slid under Corbin on lap seven for the lead. Hencke and Langenback were now in a close race for third. Langenback got by both Hencke and Corbin and now sat second behind Yetman for the next restart. Under yellow, Corbin went to the pit for a tire change. This put him in the rear for the restart. Langenback now sat inside Yetman on the front row. Yetman went on to record the win.


MODIFIED RESULTS (30 LAPS) - 1 Andy Bachetti, 2 Brett Hearn, 3 Dave Leckonby, 4 Kenny Tremont Jr, 5 Wayne Jelley, 6 Jeff Trombley, 7 Rob Pitcher, 8 Eddie Marshall, 9 J.R. Heffner, 10 Denny Soltis, 11 Ron Dwyer, 12 Ernie Palmer Jr, 13 Hector Stratton, 14 Wayne Figler, 15 Joe Puzella, 16 Russ Reckner, 17 Skippy Fox, 18 Mike King, 19 Al McCoy, 20 Rich Ricci Jr, 21 Charlie Humes, 22 Dan Humes, 23 Guy Sheldon, 24 Mel Schruffer, 25 Brian Berger, 26 Matt Quinn, 27 Donnie Corellis, 28 John Hewitt, 29 John Alberti, 30 Steve Hough, 31 Stanley Wetmore, 32 Kyle Sheldon

358 MODIFIED RESULTS (24 LAPS) - 1 Wayne Jelley, 2 Brett Hearn, 3 Kenny Tremont Jr, 4 Andy Bachetti, 5 Rich Ricci Jr, 6 Eddie Marshall, 7 J.R. Heffner, 8 Rich Salsbury, 9 Roy Bridge, 10 Craig Simmons, 11 Denny Young Jr, 12 Ted Teal, 13 Keith Flach, 14 Alan Houghtaling, 15 Sean Gallivan, 16 Mark Pullen, 17 Matt Quinn, 18 John Hotchkiss, 19 Wally Bertram, 20 Bobby Hackel, 21 Dickie Larkin, 22 Joe Sarvis, 23 Guy Sheldon

SPORTSMAN RESULTS (20 LAPS) - 1 Jeff Watson, 2 Bobby Knipe, 3 Jason Tompkins, 4 Frank Harper, 5 Ed Harkin, 6 Art Collins, 7 Ryan Larkin, 8 Kyle Hoffman,9 Lorne Browe, 10 Chad Pierce, 11 Chris Kokosa, 12 Alan Hotaling, 13 Whitey Slavin, 14 Carmon Carnibucci, 15 Kory Sandstedt, 16 Walt McKay, 17 Hawley Smith, 18 Mike Mason, 19 Brian Sandstedt, 20 Neil Stratton, 21 Greg Hoffman, 22 Bob Bouchard, 23 K.C. Goewey, 24 Tony Ferriero

PRO STOCK RESULTS (20 LAPS) - 1 Rob Yetman, 2 Jim Langenback, 3 Buddy Hencke, 4 Scott Govertsen, 5 Kevin Arnold, 6 Bill Lobdell Jr, 7 Frank Boucher, 8 Robbie Speed, 9 Tom Brandt, 10 Paul LaRochelle, 11 Joe Platt, 12 Jeff Kelmel, 13 Jay Corbin, 14 Jim Dellea, 15 Chris Crews, 16 Ed Bachand, 17 Lou Gancarz, 18 Jim Fachini

ROOKIE #1 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Rick Dempsey, 2 Bill Hammell, 3 Jeff Haas, 4 Jery Helms, 5 E.J. Legeyt, 6 Ronnie Jacobsen, 7 Steve Hankle, 8 Brian Keough

ROOKIE #2 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Larry Megan, 2 George Miles, 3 Pete Everett, 4 Mike Fachini, 5 Kevin Kennedy, 6 John Santolin, 7 Jim Keough, 8 Jerry Wright, 9 Dan Hartgraves

08-28 PURE STOCK #1 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Larry Ball, 2 Dave Stickles, 3 Richard Puff, 4 Randy Myers, 5 Don Coon, 6 Joe Chenail, 7 Robert Hammell, 8 Tony Arcoleo, 9 Matt Choppy, 10 Zack Jackson, 11 Sparky King, 12 Brian Houghtaling, 13 Tom Harkins, 14 Mark Burke, 15 Karl Castagna, 16 Rich Douglass, 17 John Quigley, 18 John Denue

08-28 PURE STOCK #2 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Kevin Hilt, 2 Dave Striebel, 3 Jesse Murphy, 4 Paul Harding, 5 Don Collins, 6 Bob Gibson, 7 Steve Hatch, 8 Scott Kilmer, 9 Jay Kreutziger Jr, 10 Chris Streeter, 11 Dan Crosby, 12 Joe Walcott, 13 Eric Ofiesh, 14 John Hubbard, 15 Lloyd Fosby, 16 Brian Hyserman Jr

08-28 PURE STOCK #3 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Pete Wiegand, 2 Pete DeFiglio, 3 Mike Eichstedt, 4 Al Relyea, 5 Nick Hilt Jr, 6 Jon Routhier, 7 Chrissy Hilt, 8 Bob Palmer, 9 Jason Casey, 10 Dave Houser, 11 Matt Humes, 12 Kirk Stanaway, 13 Richard Roger, 14 Jay LaMountain

08-28 PURE STOCK #4 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Ryan Coon, 2 Mark Stevens, 3 Shannon McDermott, 4 Jason Casey, 5 Mike Grehl Jr, 6 Jethro Rossman, 7 Tim Kramer, 8 Steve Kastner Jr, 9 Corrine Zerbarini, 10 Robby Ketzer Jr, 11 Anthony Maddalla, 12 Ed Hatch, 13 Tom Murphy Sr, 14 Tom Murphy

09-04 PURE STOCK #1 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Dave Striebel, 2 Steve Hatch, 3 Larry Ball, 4 Kevin Hilt, 5 Dave Stickles, 6 Eric Sbrega, 7 Jay Kreutziger Jr, 8 Joe Chenail, 9 Joe Walcott, 10 Chris Streeter, 11 Mark Burke, 12 Matt Choppy, 13 Gary VanDenberg, 14 Tony Marino, 15 John Denue, 16 Eric Ofiesh, 17 John Quigley

09-04 PURE STOCK #2 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Robert Hammell, 2 Richard Puff, 3 Karl Castagna, 4 Jesse Murphy, 5 Bob Gibson, 6 Paul Harding, 7 Sparky King, 8 Tom Harkins, 9 Don Coon, 10 Lloyd Fosby, 11 Dan Crosby, 12 Zack Jackson, 13 Randy Myers, 14 Don Collins, 15 Brian Hyserman Jr

09-04 PURE STOCK #3 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Pete Wiegand, 2 Jon Routhier, 3 Al Relyea, 4 Pete DeFiglio, 5 Nick Hilt Jr, 6 Bob Palmer, 7 Chrissy Hilt, 8 Chris Stalker, 9 Earl Soulier, 10 Mike Eichstedt, 11 Jay LaMountain, 12 Scott Kilmer, 13 Tom Murphy Sr, 14 Jethro Rossman, 15 Steve Kastner Jr, 16 Jason Casey

09-04 PURE STOCK #4 RESULTS (8 LAPS) - 1 Shannon McDermott, 2 Matt Humes, 3 John Chapman, 4 Ryan Coon, 5 Mike Grehl Jr, 6 Ed Hatch, 7 Kirk Stanaway, 8 Todd Pelkey, 9 Robby Ketzer Jr, 10 Tim Kramer, 11 Jason Casey, 12 Chris Wason, 13 Corrine Zerbarini, 14 Richard Roger, 15 Anthony Maddalla, 16 Dave Houser, 17 Mark Stevens