Ant-Man Strikes: Perrego Tops Mid-Atlantic Championship Small-Block Main

Written by Chris Moore

GEORGETOWN, DE – Ant-Man strikes.

On the Opening Night of the ‘Mid-Atlantic Championship’ at Georgetown Speedway, Anthony Perrego topped the Small-Block Modified 30-lap main event for a $5,000 victory.

On a night with 168 racecars in the pit area, Anthony Perrego shined brightest amongst them all in the Friday night prequel.

The Walden, N.Y., resident raced from the third starting position to quickly grab the lead and drive to an impressive win to kick off the weekend.

“Wade (Hendrickson) snuck to the bottom on the first lap and the seas parted,” explained Perrego of grabbing the early advantage. “We were able to get to the front by the end of the first lap.”

Throughout the 30-lap main event, Perrego also had some dealings with lapped traffic, but was flawless on his way to the win.

“I was really relying on the cushion in turns three and four and running a little lower in (turns) one and two,” Perrego proclaimed. “We just had really good traction and a really good car.”

Perrego’s prize was worth $5,000 after posting the pre-race ‘Stockley Tavern’ Gambler’s Fee.

Frenchtown, N.J.’s Billy Pauch Jr. raced to the runner-up spot from the sixth starting position and Pipersville, Pa.’s Danny Bouc finished off the podium from the eighth position.

Finishing fourth through 10th, respectively, were Montgomery, N.J.’s Brandon Grosso; Ringoes, N.J.’s Ryan Godown; Boyertown, Pa.’s Mike Gular; Neshanic, N.J.’s Ryan Krachun; Milford, Del.’s H.J. Bunting; Milford, Del.’s Jordan Watson; and Lawrenceville, N.J.’s Wade Hendrickson.

The Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By Sunoco ran three heat races on Friday night, determining the first 21 qualified cars into this evening’s 40-lap feature event.

Godown, Matt Sheppard, and Gular won each of the three heat races. The top four finishers in each of the three heat races are locked in to the Beyea Custom Headers Redraw, which will take place prior to racing action tonight.

The Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Models ran two heat races as well, with Rick Eckert and Amanda Robinson taking the two victories.

C.J. Schirmer (Modified) and Nathan Austin (Sportsman) were each victorious with the Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car Club in their 12-lap feature. Austin was the overall winner of the event.

David Smith continued the Smith brother’s dominance in the Delaware Super Truck division and Joe Waters used an impressive drive to take the Delmarva Charger victory.

Racing continues tonight as the STSS Modifieds take the part of top billing, going for 40-laps and a potential $7,000 top prize with the posted J.D. Shuckers $100 ‘Gamblers Fee.’ Consolations will precede the 40-lap main event.

The Stockley Tavern Speed & Supply Super Late Models will also run consolation events to set the field for their respective 40-lap, $7,000-to-win (with the posted Stockley Materials ‘Gamblers Fee’) feature event.

The Blue Hen Dispose-All STSS Crate 602 Sportsman are set with a 25-lap, $2,000-to-win feature event. The event serves as the championship round of the Belmont’s Garage South Region.

Crate Late Models have been adjusted to the Saturday program for the 2023 edition.

Also on Saturday’s racing card are the Little Lincolns, Delmarva Chargers, and Delaware Super Trucks in 12-lap, feature-only affairs.

For tonight’s affair, pit gates open at 2 p.m. with grandstand gates unlocking at 3 p.m. Hot laps are slated for 5 p.m. with racing to begin at 6 p.m.

Grandstand admission is $25 for Adults and $20 for Seniors (ages 65 & up) and Students (ages 13-17). Kids ages 9-12 get in for $10 and Children 8 & under are admitted FREE.

Pit admission is $40 (ages 13 & up) and $35 for NASCAR license holders. Kids (ages 6-12) get in for $10 and Children 5 and under are $2.

The entire night of racing, along with every STSS race in 2023, will be broadcast LIVE on FloRacing (www.floracing.tv).

Georgetown Speedway, originally constructed by Melvin L. Joseph in 1949, is located at the intersection of Route 113 and Speedway Road in Georgetown, Del., just miles from the Delaware beaches and less than a 40-minute drive from Ocean City, Md.

A website is live for the speedway at www.thegeorgetownspeedway.com. Like Georgetown Speedway on Facebook, follow @thegtownspdwy on Twitter, e-mail georgetownspeedway@gmail.com or contact the speedway hotline at 302.563.GTWN (4896).

To learn more about the Short Track Super Series Fueled By Sunoco, visit www.shorttracksuperseries.com, e-mail bdmotorsportsmedia@gmail.com, check out ‘Short Track Super Series’ on Facebook or @ShortTrackSS on Twitter or Instagram.

The Short Track Super Series is presented by American Racer/Lias Tire, Sunoco Race Fuel, FloSports, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Rent Equip/Party Central, BDR Speed, Bicknell Racing Products, Ollie’s, Penske Racing Shocks, Wegner Automotive, River Valley Builders, Behrent’s Performance Warehouse, DIG Race Products, Velocita-USA, Franklin Products, Design for Vision & Sunglass Central, Belmont’s Garage, Quality Drywall, Precision Hydraulic & Oil, Prime MAC Tools, F.X. Caprara Car Companies, Algonkin Motel, Beyea Custom Headers, Dirt Track Digest, EIBACH, Electric Neon Custom Signs, Fastline Performance, Flach Performance Products, Henry’s Exhaust, Hig Fab, Schultz Racing Fuel Cells, Spyder Filters, Superior Remodeling, Teo-Pro Car, VAHLCO & Wilwood.


Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By Sunoco Heat Race No. 1 (8 laps): 1. 26-RYAN GODOWN[1]; 2. 44-Stewart Friesen[9]; 3. 1J-Billy Pauch Jr[10]; 4. 6B-Danny Bouc[4]; 5. 32G-Brandon Grosso[3]; 6. 410-Alex Yankowski[6]; 7. 71-James Hill[2]; 8. 1K-Sean Weiss[7]; 9. 8-Norman Short Jr[8]; 10. 30-HJ Bunting[5]

Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By Sunoco Heat Race No. 2 (8 laps): 1. 9S-MATT SHEPPARD[1]; 2. 4P-Anthony Perrego[3]; 3. 35M-Mike Mahaney[4]; 4. 14W-Ryan Watt[5]; 5. 74W-John Willman[2]; 6. 43H-Jimmy Horton[6]; 7. 29-Ryan Krachun[7]; 8. 51H-Wade Hendrickson[8]; 9. 91-Carson Wright[9]; 10. JB1-Johnny Bangs[10]

Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By Sunoco Heat Race No. 3 (8 laps): 1. 2A-MIKE GULAR[2]; 2. JS98-Rocky Warner[1]; 3. 117-Kevin Hirthler[7]; 4. 65-Austin Hubbard[4]; 5. 16S-Danny Varin[8]; 6. 6S-Matt Stangle[10]; 7. 1W-Jordan Watson[6]; 8. 10C-Ryan Charland[9]; 9. M2-Bubba McPhee[3]; 10. (DNS) 157-Dave Dissinger

FloRacing Heat Winner Bonuses ($50): Ryan Godown, Matt Sheppard, & Mike Gular

Small-Block Modified Feature Finish (30 laps): 1. 4P-ANTHONY PERREGO[4]; 2. 15-Billy Pauch Jr[6]; 3. 6B-Danny Bouc[8]; 4. 32-Brandon Grosso[3]; 5. 26-Ryan Godown[14]; 6. 2A-Mike Gular[11]; 7. 29-Ryan Krachun[1]; 8. 30W-HJ Bunting[16]; 9. 51-Jordan Watson[10]; 10. 51H-Wade Hendrickson[2]; 11. 21W-Joseph Watson[18]; 12. 16-Louden Reimert[9]; 13. 6S-Matt Stangle[20]; 14. 410-Alex Yankowski[13]; 15. 43-Jimmy Horton[23]; 16. 37-Bryan Kuhl[12]; 17. 157-Dave Dissinger[22]; 18. 33R-Ray Swinehart[25]; 19. JB1-Johnny Bangs[24]; 20. 99-Craig Whitmoyer[15]; 21. 87-Eric Biehn[21]; 22. 91-Carson Wright[7]; 23. 12-Michael White[19]; 24. 4M-Logan Watt[26]; 25. 74W-John Willman[17]; 26. 05-Sean Metz[5]

Did Not Qualify: Dakota Kohler, Decker Swinehart, Jason Musser, Jesse Hirthler, Ryan Simmons, Thomas Solderich

Stockley Tavern “Gambler’s Challenge” ($2,000): Anthony Perrego

Kruger Trailer Hard Charger Award ($200): Ryan Godown (14th to fifth)

Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Model Heat Race No. 1 (8 laps): 1. 0E-RICK ECKERT[2]; 2. 7-Ross Robinson[1]; 3. 0-Andrew Yoder[4]; 4. 45-Kyle Hardy[3]; 5. 00-Jim Yoder[5]; 6. 2D-Dan Stone[7]; 7. 32J-Shaun Jones[6]; 8. 21-Chad Myers[9]; 9. 11-Trevor Collins[8]

Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Model Heat Race No. 2 (8 laps): 1. 4R-AMANDA ROBINSON[1]; 2. 55L-Donald Lingo Jr[3]; 3. 63-Nathan Long[5]; 4. 93-Cory Lawler[6]; 5. 21H-Joey Hoffer[7]; 6. 47-David Smith[9]; 7. 14AJ-AJ Miller[8]; 8. 6-Jamie Lathroum[4]; 9. 27-Michael Lake[2]

Behrent’s Performance Warehouse Fast Qualifier Bonus ($200 Gift Card): Ross Robinson (17.726)

Behrent’s Performance Warehouse Heat Race Bonuses ($50 Gift Cards): Rick Eckert & Amanda Robinson

Southern Delaware Vintage Modified Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 23-CJ SCHIRMER[4]; 2. 20-Roscoe Clough[3]; 3. 3A-Allan Austin[8]; 4. 34-Terry Chaney[6]; 5. 21C-Mike Covey[9]; 6. 24-Luke Dill[1]; 7. 24D-Dave Schamp[2]; 8. 61-Todd Miller[7]; 9. 21-Jamie Eichholz[5]

Southern Delaware Vintage Sportsman Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 3S-NATHAN AUSTIN[2]; 2. 1S-Cale Pettyjohn[7]; 3. 15S-Jamie Schirmer[1]; 4. 5S-Rob Schirmer[6]; 5. 71S-Garrit Reagan[5]; 6. 32S-Maddy Jefferson[4]; 7. 18S-Chris Killen[3]; 8. 66S-John Gladman[11]; 9. 14S-Hunter Bensel[10]; 10. (DNS) 56S-Mike Harman Jr; 11. (DNS) 58S-Donald Porter

Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 3-DAVID SMITH[6]; 2. 68-Tony Guinta[2]; 3. 84-TJ Williams[10]; 4. 01-Robert Smith[4]; 5. 69-Jerry Hill[14]; 6. 80-Dale Elliott[8]; 7. 34-Scott Trice[9]; 8. 28-Mackenzie Williams[12]; 9. 27-Michelle Jackson[3]; 10. 44-Rick Short[15]; 11. 223-Troy Hopkins[5]; 12. 89-Thomas Jackson[7]; 13. 71Q-Tim Quay[13]; 14. 8-Shane Clogg[11]; 15. (DNS) 29-Cameron Benson

Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 2A-JOE WATERS[4]; 2. 44R-Randy Gallaway[2]; 3. 67-Ron Falkner[12]; 4. 37-Josh Dahling[9]; 5. 10-Craig Kelly[10]; 6. 48-Jeff Merryman[5]; 7. 27W-Wyatt Cummings[1]; 8. 72-Billy Cummings[11]; 9. 74-Roger Kummerer[6]; 10. 62-Randy Merritt[8]; 11. 21-Jong Yi[7]; 12. 61-Ashley Merritt[3]; 13. 5G-Garren Morris[13]; 14. 18-Mike Ashwell[14]