Ball Keeps Rolling: Danny Bouc Awarded $5,000 Delaware Small-Block Victory

Written by Chris Moore

DELMAR, DE – The ball keeps rolling.

Danny Bouc – fresh off his first career Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series (STSS) Fueled By Sunoco victory – claimed the Friday night portion of the Delaware State Dirt Track Championship Weekend at Delaware International Speedway.

Bouc was awarded the win following the disqualification of Neshanic Station, N.J.’s Matt Stangle for being light across the scales after the 30-lap event.

“He outsmarted me on that restart and got out front and he was gone,” Bouc explained of the race with Stangle. “It sucks for them guys for sure, but we’ll take it.”

The Pipersville, Pa. native posted the $100 Gambler’s Fee, raising his winner’s share to a cool $5,000 to take back to the Keystone State.

“Work slows down in the fall and I can focus a little more on racing,” Bouc said with a mile of his late-season success in recent years. "I think that’s the reason we run a little better at the end of the year.”

Bouc rolled off on the outside of the front row, with Milford, Del.’s H.J. Bunting occupying the front row of the 30-lap prequel for the weekend.

Bunting paced the field in the early going while Stangle was marching through the field from his 10th starting position.

Bouc used the bottom groove to race Bunting for the lead as they came across to complete the fifth circuit around the half-mile clay oval.

With Bouc in front, Stangle was already up to third and wasted no time challenging Bunting for second. Three laps after Bouc got by, Stangle had moved into the second spot and began chasing Bouc for the top spot.

A series of yellow flags occurred at the midpoint of the race, and Stangle began to take notes.

Bouc outdueled Stangle on the first two restarts, before Stangle raced around his fellow No. 6 down the back straightaway to take the top spot.

Stangle led the remainder of the race, before crossing the scales 20 pounds light of the 2,300 lbs. minimum weight for the PA/NJ Spec Small-Blocks.

Bouc was awarded the win in his Craig and Leslie Pondish BDR Speed No. 6 and the $5,000 to go with it.

Walden, N.Y.’s Anthony Perrego inherited the runner-up finish in the Vinnie Salerno-owned No. 4* and Oley, Pa.’s Louden Reimert rounded out the podium finishers despite running almost the entire race with a flat left-front tire.

H.J. Bunting brought the Blue Hen Racing No. 30 home fourth and Lawrenceville, N.J.’s Wade Hendrickson completed the top five.

Finishing sixth through 10th, respectively, were Montgomery, N.J.’s Justin Grosso, who went pit side with a flat left front tire three laps into the race; New Paltz, N.Y.’s Allison Ricci who was in a Danny Creeden owned No. 16x for her first ever DIS appearance; Middletown, N.Y.’s Creeden; Georgetown, Del.’s Carson Wright, who advanced five positions to take ninth; and Salisbury, Md.’s W.B. James.

The Millman’s NAPA Modifieds ran three heat races to set the starting lineup for their 40-lap feature event later tonight.

Bouc, Creeden, and James Hill were the heat winners, while the top three in each heat locked in to the redraw for the top nine starting positions for the main event.

The Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Models also ran time trials and heat races for their 40-lap main event tonight. Donald Lingo Jr. and Ross Robinson took the heat race wins with the top three locking in to the redraw.

Kerry King (Modified) and Cale Pettyjohn (Sportsman) were each victorious in the 12-lap non-stop Southern Delaware Vintage Stock Car Club feature event.

Robert Smith held off T.J. Williams for an exciting victory with the Delaware Super Trucks and Jay Lowman was dominant in the Delmarva Charger feature event.

Racing continues tonight as the Millman’s NAPA Modifieds take the part of top billing, going for 40-laps and a potential $7,000 top prize with the posted $100 ‘Gamblers Fee.’

The Stockley Tavern Speed & Supply Super Late Models will also run their respective 40-lap, $7,000-to-win (with the posted ‘Gamblers Fee’) feature event.

The Blue Hen Dispose-All Crate 602 Sportsman are set with a 25-lap, $1,500-to-win feature event.

Crate Late Models will go for 20-laps and a $1,000-to-win feature event.

Also on Saturday’s racing card are the Little Lincolns, Delmarva Chargers, and Delaware Super Trucks in 12-lap, feature-only affairs.

All gates open at noon. Hot laps begin at 3 p.m., with racing to follow at 4 p.m.

Admission is $30 (Adults), $25 for Seniors (ages 65 and up) & Students (ages 13-17). Kids (ages 9-12) pay $10 and Children 8 and under are FREE.

Pit admission is $45 (Non-Members), $40 (NASCAR Members), $10 Kids (ages 6-12) and $2 for Children (ages 5 and under).

A new-for-2023 website is live at www.delawareinternationalspeedway.com.

Like “Delaware International Speedway” on Facebook to learn more.

Delaware International Speedway is located at 37854 Sussex Highway Delmar, DE 19940.


Millman’s NAPA Modified Heat Race No. 1 (8 laps): 1. 6B-DANNY BOUC[1]; 2. 16X-Danny Varin[2]; 3. 33-Louden Reimert[3]; 4. 1J-Jordan Watson[5]; 5. 51M-Wade Hendrickson[7]; 6. 410-Tim Millman[4]; 7. 01-Tanner Van Doren[6]

Millman’s NAPA Modified Heat Race No. 2 (8 laps): 1. 16-DANNY CREEDEN[3]; 2. 6S-Matt Stangle[2]; 3. 4-Anthony Perrego[6]; 4. 32G-Brandon Grosso[5]; 5. 91-Carson Wright[4]; 6. 30W-HJ Bunting[7]; 7. (DNS) 48-Drew Simmons

Millman’s NAPA Modified Heat Race No. 3 (8 laps): 1. 71-JAMES HILL[3]; 2. 24H-DJ Hunt[1]; 3. J24-Justin Grosso[6]; 4. R2W-Logan Watt[7]; 5. 14S-Ryan Watt[4]; 6. 8-Norman Short Jr[5]; 7. R2-Rusty Smith[2]

Small-Block Modified Feature Finish (30 laps): 1. 6B-DANNY BOUC[2]; 2. 4-Anthony Perrego[11]; 3. 16-Louden Reimert[3]; 4. 30-HJ Bunting[1]; 5. 51M-Wade Hendrickson[6]; 6. J24-Justin Grosso[7]; 7. 16X-Allison Ricci[4]; 8. 17J-Dan Creeden[15]; 9. 91-Carson Wright[14]; 10. 119-WB JAMES[9]; 11. 02-Greg Humlhanz[18]; 12. 57-Mia Guy[22]; 13. 97-Matt Smith[20]; 14. 410-Tim Millman[12]; 15. 12-Michael White[16]; 16. 24H-DJ Hunt[5]; 17. R2-Rusty Smith[8]; 18. 74Y-Jax Yohn[21]; 19. 52-Jason Musser[23]; 20. 14S-Dave Shirk[19]; 21. 37-Chris Martinez[17]; 22. 2B-Christopher Buffalino[24]; 23. 32G-Brandon Grosso[13]; 24. (DQ) 6-Matt Stangle[10]

Did Not Qualify: 74-Caleb Scott; 94J-Jacob King; 15-Scott Hitchens; 9-Greg Nailor

“Gambler’s Challenge” ($2,000): Danny Bouc

Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Model Heat Race No. 1 (8 laps): 1. 55L-DONALD LINGO JR[2]; 2. 4-Amanda Robinson[1]; 3. 0-Rick Eckert[4]; 4. 11-Trevor Collins[3]; 5. 32J-Shaun Jones[6]; 6. 1K-Cory Lawler[5]; 7. 47-David Smith[8]; 8. 14C-Chuck Bowie[7]; 9. (DNS) 14AJ-AJ Miller

Stockley Speed & Supply Super Late Model Heat Race No. 2 (8 laps): 1. 7-ROSS ROBINSON[1]; 2. 6-Jamie Lathroum[4]; 3. K&B-Kerry King[5]; 4. 00-Kyle Hardy[2]; 5. 9E-Robbie Emory[3]; 6. 73-Big Al Cheney[8]; 7. 72D-Dale Murphy[6]; 8. (DNS) 01-Matt Glanden

Southern Delaware Vintage Modified Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 51-KERRY KING[8]; 2. 3A-Allan Austin[6]; 3. 23-CJ Schirmer[2]; 4. 21J-Jamie Eichholz[5]; 5. 20-Roscoe Clough[1]; 6. 24-Luke Dill[4]; 7. 304-Dave Schamp[9]; 8. 34-Terry Chaney[3]; 9. 8-Eddie Collins[10]

Did Not Start: 61-Todd Miller

Southern Delaware Vintage Sportsman Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 1S-CALE PETTYJOHN[3]; 2. 5S-Rob Schirmer[4]; 3. 71S-Garrit Reagan[5]; 4. 32S-Maddy Jefferson[1]; 5. 66S-John Gladman[6]; 6. 15S-Jamie Schirmer[2]

Delaware Super Truck Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 01-ROBERT SMITH[5]; 2. 84-TJ Williams[14]; 3. 69-Jerry Hill[18]; 4. 68-Tony Guinta[1]; 5. 14-Zach Phillips[7]; 6. 89-Thomas Jackson[17]; 7. 80-Nate Benson[2]; 8. 23-Troy Hopkins[12]; 9. 34-Scott Trice[11]; 10. 19-Kirk Miles[6]; 11. 71-Tim Quay[15]; 12. 16-Nick Rust[13]; 13. 44-Rick Short[4]; 14. 27-Michelle Jackson[9]; 15. 37-Sean Martinez[16]; 16. 77-Tim Williams[3]; 17. 29-Cameron Benson[8]; 18. 00-Mackenzie Williams[10]

Delmarva Charger Feature Finish (12 laps): 1. 2A-JAY LOWMAN[1]; 2. 67-Ron Falkner[5]; 3. 72-Derek Swafford[6]; 4. 10-Jesse West[3]; 5. 12-Roy Whitehead[4]; 6. 44-Randy Gallaway[2]