Michael Storms Wins Accord Speedway Action


Accord, NY- Michael Storms In To Capture Opening Night Win In Accord Speedway Action
By: Steve Pados, Accord Speedway Media

Accord Speedway Promoters Gary and Donna Palmer presented an eight division show on Friday evening that went off without a hitch. The weather was just right and the Catskills Mountain scenery is majestic to behold no matter what time of the season. With a track in fromt of the drivers that could be raced from all avenues of speed, Promotoer Gary Palmer soldiered on through the weeks he thought he would be racing to to have the speedway ready for Friday evening and had the facility “fit as a fiddle” as he always does. Friday night produced another of those great nights as another great crowd was on hand to enjoy the evening of speed sponsored by the good folks at Arkel Motors located in New Windsor, New York.

Michael Storms rocked the house with an outstanding drive to capture the opening night Arkel Motors Modified win at Accord and in doing so becoming the first driver to set the stage for weeks to come at the speedway.. Travis Green captured his win in the Mid Hudson Concrete Sportsman main event. John Drake grabbed the lead at the start of the feature and he held on as he captured the Upstate Auto Pure Stock encounter. "The Travelin Man" Mick D’Agostino raced to his in initial win of the season in the WRWD Radio NEWS Sprint Car feature. Brian Durbin was triumphant in the WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman feature event as he jumped on the field at the start of the event.. The Emmanuel's Marketplace Fireball 4-Cylinder feature was captured by Mike Travis. The Emmanuel’s Marketplace Four Cylinder Enduro feature closed the show with a rip-snorting and entertaining forty lap finale that found Richard Smith borrowing Willie DeGraw's machine having the hot foot in a rousing win for him.

Michael Storms and Jesse Marks brought the field down for the start of the Arkel Motors 30-lap headliner for the Modifieds. Storms jumped into the lead from his front row starting spot and immediately found the center lane of the speedway much to his liking as he was able to control the top spot easily though the early laps until a restart slowed the action. On the restart Storms took off and would be challenged by Danny Creeden who came charging forward from fifth starting position. Creeden would make quick work of those in fornt of him and move behind Storms for the chase. Andy Bachetti (12th) would move in by using all of the lanes of the raceway and would move along side of third place running at the time Jimmy Wells and the pair squared off in a heated dual and it would be Bachetti winning the battle off of turn two to take command of third place. .Creeden would follow but in the blink of an eye Storms felt the pressure and built up a good sized lead in a couple of laps over Creeden. came knocking and took over the runner-up slot. By that time Wells had built up a solid lead and Perrego pullled out all of the stops to reel him and did. Jesse Marks headed up the second five with Richard Smith, Brad Rothaupt, Joe Judge, and Kye Van Duser completing the top ten. The action was jam-packed with excitement throughout the entire 30-laps of racing.

The Mid Hudson Concrete Sportsman event found Travis Green in the lead at the drop of the green flag getting some challenges along the way from Kevin Stevens. Green kept his hot rod at the top of the staircase in this run for the roses with constant laps of 13.570 to hold off all competition for the win. Stevens was the runner-up in this one while Matt Shultz and Corey Cormier kept trading back places with Shultz fianlly winning the battle over Cormier. Hunter Lapp held a good line and raced up to fifth place in this one. Charles Loidice was sixth in this one while Anthony REcchio raced from an eleventh place start to garner seventh place while Alex Van Pelt, Jordan Lawrence, and Aaron Doolittle, rounded out the top ten finishing places

Brian Durbin raced into the lead at the start of the WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman feature attraction. Durbin had a fast car and enjoyed a quick breakaway from the field. Only in the latter stages of the event did former Pro STock Champion Steve Williams get close to make it a solid event. Durbin would go on to capture the event. Willams was second in a great showing, with newcomer Patrick Dempsey in third, John Velde IV was fourth and Billy Fiske rounded ou the top five. Jason Armstrong, Cody Higbee and Jason Brewer completed the field.

In the Upstate Auto Pure Stock event John Drake seized the moment and would lead all of the way to give himself a win at the speedway.. Jay Smalley remained close and would race to second with John Hechinger third, Codi Clark fourth and Chris Kanuck fifth.

"The Traveling Man" Mick D'Agostino would jump into the lead off of turn four at the start in the WRWD Radio NEWS Sprint feature. D'Agostino would lead all of the way as he withstood many challenges from "The Captain" Jeremy Quick to go on and secure his firsat win of the season at Accord. Quick would finish second with Dan Malley in third, Steve Kyzer fourth and Corey Wood in fifth place. GAry Huston, Charles Wasa kowski and Mike travers were also in the field..

In the regularly scheduled Fireballers feature, Ed King led the first four laps before giving way to Jesse Torrens on a restart. Jesse Torrens would remain in front for the remainder of race and holding off challenges from Jerry Kingeter and Shawn Maloney. Torrens would hold on for his first career win at Accord and enjoy a big celebration in the WRWD Victory Lane. Kingeter, Maloney, Dave Donovan and Jeff DeGroat completed the top five. Anthony Tarantino, Marisol Torrens, Nicole Nelson, Willie DeGraw and Ed King would complete the top ten.

In the Emmanuels Marketplace Four Cylinder Enduro feature, Mike Travis stormed out front at the start of the event and would be good enough to score his first win of the season at Accord. RYan Heady was secondwith "Quick" Willie DeGRaw in third place George Barringer forth and Jerry Kingeter in fith. ,

In the Emainuels Marketplace Enduro event, ut would be Dave Donovan taking command of the event for eleven laps until he was caught by Williw DeGraw wwho passed him coming out of turn four. Donovan tried valiantly to regain his number one spot, but it was Willie being quick and taking the win.. In victory lane the Tim Adams found out it was Richard Smith in the car and he did well with the car too. Gene Helms raced to third place with CJ Tennelly in fourth and Robert Phillips in fifth.
In the Slingshot action, the two divisions ran together and produced some god daction with Vteran campaigner Bob Pollard beating out his teammate Jim Gsaige.

In the Junior Slingshot action is was young Brock Pinkerous in for the win over newcomer Frank Twing Jr


The hotly contested racing action was completed at 10:38 PM. Kudos again to Gary Palmer for working through the theatrics of Mother Nature to give the competitors an excellent race track to display their talents and for the fans to enjoy an evening of great racing action.

A special thanks goes out to our friends at Arkel Motors who was in the house and brought along one of their hauling rigs for the show

AFter a recent setback with some helath issues,, Steve Pados was joined by Joel Murns in the tower on this evening of racing. The Palmer Family and Pados thanks Joel for stepping up and being part of the show on this evening of racing.

Heat wins went to Michael sTorms, Jesse Marks and Jimmy Wells in the Modified division. Two heats were needed for the Sportsman with wins going to Kevin Stevens and Travis Green. . The Rookie Sportsman heat was claimed by Brian Durbin. Mick D'Agostino captured the sprint car heat win. The Pure Stock heat was were captured by Jay Smalley.. Fireball heat winners included Mike Travis and Richard Smith. The Junior Slingshot heat went to Brock Pinkerous and the All Star Slingshot heat went to Bob Pollard.


Arkell Motors Modifieds:: Michael Storms, Danny Creeden, Andy Bachetti, Jimmy Wells, Randy Green,, Jesse Marks, Richard Smith, Brad Rothaupt, Joe Judge, Kyle Van Duser, Leo Fotopolous, Allison Ricci, Nick Johnson, Corey Lowitt, Danny Tyler, Rich Ricci Jr, Kurt Hundeland, Tommy Johnson,, Rich Ricci III (DNS)

Mid Hudson Concrete Sportsman: Travis Green, Kevin Stevens, Mark Schultz, Corey Cormier, Huner Lapp, Charles Loidice, Anthony REcchio, Alex Van Pelt, Jordan Lawrence, Aaron Doolittle, Erin Pauleson, TYler Johnson, Mike Murphy, Mike SEnecal, :

WRWD Radio NEWS Sprint Cars: Mick D'Agostino, Jeremy Quick, DAnny Malley, Steve Kyzer, Corey Wood, GArey Huston, Charles Weskonoski, Mike tRaverMike Traver, Andrew Davis, Eric Jennings

WRWD Radio Rookie Sportsman::: Brwaqin Durbin, Steve Williams, Patrick Dempsey, John Vielde IV, Billy Fiske, Jason Armstrong, Cody Higbee, Jason Brewer,

Emmanuel's Marketplace Fireball 4-Cylinders:Mike Travis, Ryan Heady,, Willie DEgraw, Geroge BArringer, Jerry Kingeter J

Upstate Auto Pure Stock:: John Drake, Jay Smalley,, ohn Hechinger, Cody Clark, Chris Kauck, Bobby SleightJohn Drake, Emerson Cargain, Jim Maher, Ray Tarantino, JB Morris, Mike Arrigoni, Steve Kanuk, James Goetchius

Emmanuel's Marketplace Fireball 4-Cylinder Enduros: Richard Smith, Dave Donovan, Gene Helms, CJ Tennelly, Robert Phillips

Junior Slingsots: Brock Ponkerous, Brock Pinkerous, Frank Twings Jr

All STar Slingshots: Jim Pollard, Jim GUige

Racing is on tap every Friday evening at Accord Speedway from April through September. Please make note of the new starting times: Pit Gates open at 5:00; Spectator Gates open at 5:30; Hot Laps begin at 7:00 and the racing begins at 7:30 PM. Admission for Adults $14.00; Seniors (65+) $12.00; Children $3.00 (11+ under) Indoor Seating $20.00; Family four pack special: 2 Adults + 2 Children and $20.00 in Accord Bucks for $44.00 (a savings of

Special event shows do have an increase in admission..

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