Kephart only New HIdden Valley winner, as 2022 champs are decided

For Immediate Release September 10, 2022
Clearfield, PA - Williamsburg driver Joe Kephart found the Hidden Valley Speedway Carns Powersport Winners Circle on Saturday night in the Amsoil Pure Stocks, as the 2022 point champions were also decided on Hyde Fire Co. trophy night. While Kephart won the feature, the title went to Ryan Jones of Clearfield.
Repeat winners included: Levi Ardery of West Decatur in the Scaife Racing Supplies Semi Lates, while Eric Lucas of Philipsburg claimed the title; Jimmy Holden of Tiona won the Small Block Modified feature, while his 15-year-old son, Hayden Holden picked up his career first point championship. The Street Stock feature was won by Fuzzy Fields of Brockport while Chad Rougeux of Clearfield claimed the title and it was Jimmy Ogden of Clearfield winning the Craig’s Welding and Fabrication Four Cylinders while the title went to “Wild” Bill Hassenplug of Gallitzin.
Bethany McClellan of Clearfield picked up the win in the Aquaholic Powder Puff Four Cylinder event.
The Scaife Racing Supplies Semi Late feature went non-stop, with Levi Ardery and George Bailey on the front row, and Ardery taking the initial lead, which Steven Scaife Jr. moving quickly into second. While Ardery may have led the non-stop race flag to flag, his win wasn’t easy, as Scaife was on his bumper the entire distance, sometimes grabbing a little on the side of Ardery, but after bad luck last week, he was able to hold on for his third win of the season. Scaife was a close second, Bailey was third, Eric Lucas was fourth and Jeremy Lippert was fifth. Heat wins went to Ardery and Bailey.
It was never good to start Mike Stine on the front row in the past, and it’s still not a good idea today to start his car on the front row, as Jimmy Holden beat Trent Ogden off the line to take the lead of the 20-lap event. While Jimmy Holden led, his son, Hayden, was a pretty close second the entire distance. While chasing his dad, Hayden Holden would not be able to get by his dad for the win, but Hayden would be able to clinch the title. At the line Jimmy Holden gave his car owner a birthday gift of a win over his son, Hayden, Bobby Garvey was third, Shannon Casher won a hard fought battle with Trent Ogden for fourth. Ogden was fifth. Heat wins went to Jimmy Holden and Ogden.
The Street Stock field was once again on the light side, with five in the pits, as Alan Lamb and Michael Bordt led the field to the start, with Bordt taking the lead and fourth place starter Fuzzy Fields in second. A couple of quick cautions slowed the action, as Bordt continued to lead, then on lap 9, the red flew for a fire on the 94R of Chad Rougeux, bringing the Winburne Fire Co. and Rescue Hose and Ladder EMS of Curwensville to the backstretch. Rougeux was not hurt, but he was out for the night after his brakes caught fire. He had accumulated enough points, where he’d already claimed the title before the night started.
On the restart, Fields shot past Leader Bordet and took the lead and held off the challenges of Bordt and Lamb to get the win. The top five were: Fields, Bordt, Lamb, Ryan Lippert and Rougeux. Lamb won the heat.
The Amsoil Pure Stock feature was exciting from the start, as Ryan Jones took the lead at the start from Justin Watt. While Jones was leading Watt was chasing him and throwing what he had at him, then on a lap 5 caution, Watt was able to steal the leadi from Jones on the restart. Jones had fallen to the rear and Watt was leading, then on lap 13, a smoking Watt faded from the lead, as Kephart took the top spot and eventual win. The top five were: Kephart, Ryan Shaffner was second, Jones worked his way back to third, Tyler Rougeux was fourth and Bob Holtz was fifth. Heat wins to Jones and Watt.
The Craigs Welding and Fabrication Four Cylinder feature saw Tyler Gill and Tim Raup on the front row, as Raup took the lead and Gill was second with third place starter Jimmy Ogden in third, but reeling in the lead duo. By the second lap, it was Ogden now leading, over Raup and “Wild Bill” Hassenplug. As the race continued, Ogden was setting a torrid pace, as Raup kept him in his sights, but could not reel in the leader. As Jon Shipley waved the checkered flag, it was Ogden getting his second win of the season over Raup, Luke Hoffner, Hassenplug and Tanner Ogden. The fourth place finish was just enough to give Hassenplug the title. Heat wins went to Gill, Raup and Ogden.
The Aquaholic Powder Puff Feature for the Four Cylinders saw Verlee Elensky and Samantha Lippert on the front row, as Elensky took the lead and Bethany McClellan was second. Elensky held the lead through lap six, when McClellan wrestled the lead away from Elensky and went on to get the win over Elensky, Lindsey Moore, Melanie Luzier and Lippert was fifth. Heat races were won by Elensky and Lippert.
PIT NOTES: 51 cars filled the pits, including 8 Semi Lates, 8 Small Block Modifieds, 5 Street Stocks, 8 Pure Stocks and 22 Four Cylinders…Coming up this weekend is the vintage Rumble in the Valley. The following classes will be participating in the event. They are: Sportsman and Modified divisions of the Vintage Modifieds. Vintage Late Models, Vintage Stock Car, 270 and 600 Micro Sprints, Four Cylinder and Pure Stocks (Home Track Rules). Drivers indicating intentions on participating are coming from, Missouri, Delaware, Georgia, Wisconsin, New York, Ohio, Ontario, CA, New Jersey and Pennsylvania…We will also be part of the big car show on Saturday, Sept. 17 at Fun Central from 10 to 3 p.m. located on Route 879 on the Shawville Highway next to 120 Pub & Grub…Coming up on Sept. 24 is the return of the Laurel Highlands 305 Sprints, along with the Semi Lates, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and Four Cylinders…Watch our Facebook and Website for more details on all of these and other specials throughout the rest of the season at www.hiddenvalleyspeedway.net.
*Designates 2022 champions
Scaife Racing Supplies 358 Semi-Late Models - 1. Levi Ardery, West Decatur; 2. Steven Scaife, Jr., 3. George Bailey, 4. *Eric Lucas, 5. Jeremy Lippert, 6. Larry Conklin, Jr., 7. Kevin Clark
Did Not Start - Justin Owens
Small Block Modifieds - 1. Jimmy Holden, Tiona; 2. *Hayden Holden, 3. Robert Garvey, Jr., 4. Shannon Casher, 5. Trent Ogden, 6. Rodney Luzier, 7. Aaron Casher, 8. Jamie Luzier
Street Stocks - 1. Fuzzy Fields, Brockport; 2. Michael Bordt, 3.Allen Lamb, 4. Ryan Lippert, 5. * Chad Rougeux
Amsoil Pure Stocks - 1. Joe Kephart, Williamsburg; 2. Ryan Shaffner, 3. *Ryan Jones, 4. Tyler Rougeux, 5. Bob Holt, 6. Justin Watt, 7. Corey Wolfe, 8. Casey Wolfe
Craig’s Welding & Fabrication Four Cylinders - 1. Jim Ogden, Clearfield; 2. Tim Raup, 3.Luke Hoffner, 4. *Bill Hassenplug, 5. Tanner Ogden, 6. Virgil Meyer, 7. Tyler Gill, 8. Jason Dotts, 9. Jason Elensky, 10. Roswell Babcock, 11. Kevin Trimpey, 12. Kyler Henry, 13. Isaac Exley, 14. Dustin Miller, 15. Ryan Betres, 16. Shaun Kanouff, 17. Nick Bem, 18. Eric Luzier, 19. Allen Robison, 20. Gerald Hudson, 21. William Kephart, 22. Scott Flory
Aquaholic Powder Puff Four Cylinders - 1. Bethany McClellan, Clearfield; 2. Verlee Elensky, 3. Lindsey Moore, 4. Melanie Luzier, 5. Sam Lippert, 6. Melissa Rock, 7. Sara Ray, 8. Amanda Whtling, 9. Jacqueline Graham