Lance Willix II parks in Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway victory lane

Lance Willix II won the 30 lap Regular Event at the Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway on Saturday. This was Lance's first win of the season. Lance's last win came on Sep 01, 2017, forty nine starts ago. For the 45 year old Willix it was their first win putting him sixth on the Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway win list since 2004.
Finishing 1.1160 seconds behind in second was Jack Lehner. This was Jack's first Top 5 of the season.
Finishing third was Greg Atkins, their second top 5 of the year.
Finishing fourth was Mike Mahaney, their first top 5 of the year.
Finishing fifth was Dany Gagné, their second top 5 of the year.
Steve Bernier, Steve Bernard, Luke Whitteker, Jessey Mueller, and George Foley rounded out the top 10.

Significant Milestones and Streaks
Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway wins since 2004: Lance Willix II - 1
Consecutive top 10's at Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway: Steve Bernier - 24